Creating Relationships With Your NDIS Providers That Last

Building the right team is crucial for your NDIS success. NDIS providers are there each step of the way to ensure that you have the resources, support, and direction that you need to accomplish the goals in your plan.

No matter whether you work with registered or unregistered providers, it’s essential to find people with whom you feel comfortable and happy. Consider these tips for building strong, long-lasting connections with your providers.

6 ways to build lasting bonds with NDIS providers

1. Use service agreements

Service agreements may seem like a formality, especially if you’re working with someone you’ve known for years. However, these agreements are important for setting expectations and stating the responsibilities clearly of both providers and participants. Clear service agreements protect both parties and reduce the likelihood of disagreements or misunderstandings. Your agreements should include:

  • Your name, contact details, and plan details
  • Your provider's name and contact details
  • Dates the services will start and end
  • The types of services being provided, with NDIS codes for easy reference
  • How many services they will provide within the agreement, including the number of hours per day, week, or month
  • Costs per service and the total cost of all services (Note: always make sure that costs are in line with the NDIS price guide)
  • Terms and conditions, including cancellation and termination policies

Once your service agreements are in place, don’t forget to send a copy to your plan manager so that they’re aware of the terms you’ve made with your providers.

2. Know your rights and responsibilities

Remember that you are ultimately in charge of your care and well-being. NDIS providers can make recommendations, but you should never feel forced to act on a suggestion. A good service provider will give you guidance and help you understand why they’re suggesting a particular course, care, or action.

On the flip side, participants have responsibilities too. You should know your plan and goals. If you have questions about something a provider has suggested, do research on your own or check with your support coordinator or plan manager for guidance.

3. Mutual respect and kindness

Great personal and professional relationships start with respect and kindness. It’s always important to maintain these values, even if you don’t see eye-to-eye with your providers 100 percent of the time. Treat your providers kindly and expect the same in return from the people you work with.

4. Good communication

Like respect and kindness, communication is another skill that can make or break your provider relationships. You don’t have to be a talented speaker or a “people person” to succeed at communication - you just need to be clear, honest, and respectful as you talk with providers.

Further, don’t forget to be considerate. If you’re preparing to switch providers or discontinue a service, give your current provider notice ahead of time so that they’re aware. Review your service agreements regularly so that you know your provider’s terms for cancelation or changes.

5. Backup plans

Your NDIS providers will occasionally need to take a break or go on a holiday. If you know that your provider is going out of town, arrange for backup help so that you don’t have to contact them while they’re away. Even if they’re happy to help you while on a break, it’s a kind gesture to give them space until they return to work.

6. Persistently search for the right people

It’s not unusual to switch providers during your NDIS journey. Your goals and needs will evolve over time, providers will move or retire, and you’ll find that some people just aren’t the best fit for your personality. Searching for providers can feel overwhelming, so be sure to rely on others for guidance.

Your support coordinator or plan manager can give you a list of providers for specific areas. Additionally, internet searching can be helpful for finding recommendations and reviews of specific individuals. Finally, you can use agencies like Mable, HireUp, or Karista to find providers for hire.

All Disability Plan Management can help with your NDIS journey

Providers are one piece of your support team puzzle. Plan managers such as All Disability are also valuable additions to your NDIS team. We help you with all the financial aspects of your NDIS plan, from budgeting and planning to invoicing and payments.

We work with both providers and participants for a smooth experience. Best of all, our services come at no extra cost to NDIS participants - it’s all included in your NDIS plan.

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Creating Relationships With Your NDIS Providers That Last